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BY: YIYIN N HEART I kissed you, when I closed my eyes and dream. beautiful face, your mouth sweet crushed, there is love and there is a sense, heave and sing. whisper, when broken down like a dream, whether the moon is also humming? and kissing when the spring? because I could not forget second [...]

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BY: YIYIN N HEART I was unable to hold the soul, and I ripped a sick cry for love, longing to live the dream, living in pain, stay pain, whimpering, begging, begged, to return the love. but no one heard! All ears were dead, his mouth shut like a stone, heart and soul tormented, tortured [...]

15 December 2009 ~ 0 Comments


I was in the endless my solitude space, Miserable and moaning at every track of time, Where I found longing? Or a heart left to freeze, Icebergs into the stone, Is there a dark soul will be shut, Imprisoned in the heart of bitterness, Why are you scatter plot romance until I stumbled and fell [...]

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YIYIN N HEART: More room without a sound

More room without a sound, Soul crush crushed by punishment, Quiet and silent, Restless and injuries, The desire and passion, Breath and love, Sought each other out, Accused each other, Mutual mingling, Chasing each other, Between hate and one million passwords, In between dreams and pain, Among the overcast clouds, I was again always see [...]


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BY YIYIN N HEART Should I say this as a vacillation of the heart? The baskets of love that already imprisons me, I’m in a time, is that I’m in pain my soul, Restless and endless moan, Give me time, one or two seconds, so I really do not just enjoy tormenting dream? Do not [...]

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AKU TERHEMPAS DALAM FACEBOOK-KU YIYIN N HEART Facebook, benarkah hanya sebuah mimpi kosong…. Khayalan yang tiada akhir…. Atau koyak-koyak imajinasi yang tak bertepi….. Saat kehampaan bagai menyileti setiap dinding hati, keresahan yang tak berujung pangkaatau kegelisahan yang merejam…. Saat ituleh sebuah keisengan muncul begitu saja. Sesuatu yang aneh… atau bahkan sebuah obsesi yang tak jelas. [...]


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sebuah misteri mimpi yang mendorong Shalsya kembali mengungkap Tuan Bakril…..


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IN SUCTION OF YOUR LOVES FOR ANYONE SO FAR…. YIYIN N HEART Are sure let me alone, for cry a long time and keep hurt be sick…. Dont you heard my sing in dark time and broked, I am killing caused your kisses to maked me in fall and drunk! touch by touch is madness [...]